Great Apps To Start Creating Music

Some of us dream of creating music, and even professional musicians need help too. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. I run a Honolulu tree service company and these apps allows me to do what I love to do on the side without spending a lot of money on the equipment I need to mix and create music.

In fact, there are plenty of apps you can check out to help you compose and mix your music, and quite a few of them are pretty good. So if you want to begin your musical journey the right way, check out these great apps to create music:

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD. It’s true that there are numerous good music-composition apps out there, but this digital audio workstation is a good way to start this list. It’s available for both Android and iOS, and it’s not all that expensive. Yet it offers a mindboggling list of features that musicians will drool over. It has 133 instrument kits and loops and a mini-synth with 70 presets. You can sequence up to 99 tracks, use 10 special audio effects, and edit wave files. It’s highly recommended for intermediate users as well as for newbies.

2. Apple Garageband. This is one of the most famous music apps of all time, despite the fact that it can only be used by iOS phones. It offers fantastic all-around performance, as you can create complete songs with virtual drums and piano. You can record your voice too and apply some sound effects to it. There’s also a sampler and a stomp box effect. Numerous musicians use this and heartily recommend it, and it’s even very affordable. 

Setting the Beat with the DJAY 2

In the past, you needed an entire van full of gear to be a deejay. Now, you only need an iPad (or an iPhone, Apple Watch, or even an Android device) and download the amazing DJAY 2 app for deejays.

This bestselling app will transform your skillset, and your life as a DJ, as what any reputable djay2 app review will reveal.

It doesn’t even matter what your current beat-setting and groove-making level are. You can be a pro with years of experience, and you’ll still find the DJAY 2 an extraordinary tool you simply can’t ignore. Or you can be an utter noob, and in no time flat, you’ll sound like you’ve been doing this for years! Nothing beats that feeling of setting the music and seeing people dance to your beat. 

What Are Beat Pads (Drum Pads)?

Do you want to practice your drumming every chance you get? Pick the right beat pads for your needs and budget.

Beat pads or drum pads are generally what you use to practice on if you’re a drummer. If you’re just a beginner, these can give you a chance to practice your drumming techniques wherever you are, without having to bring your bulky drum set along with you. Even if you’re already an experienced drummer, a drum pad can help you practice or warm up for a performance on stage or even in your car while getting an auto detail – I know I’m weird.

Basically, there are two types of beat pads you can use:

The Classic Rubber Type

The basic design of these drum pads is a wooden disk, on top of which you have a thin layer of rubber glued on the surface. This is the traditional design, and even now it’s the choice of many drum players and professionals. 

What Is a Pop Filter?

Do you really need a pop filter for your recordings? Find out what it does and how it’s designed, and discover its many benefits. 

So what is a pop filter? If you’re regularly using a microphone, then you need one. If you ever see videos of singers recording their songs in the studio, you’ve already seen one. It’s the screen you find hovering between the lips of the singer and the head of the microphone.

What Are Pop Filters Used For?

There are some very good reasons why pop filters are used, especially in recording studios. The main reason is that it makes your voice sound so much better in the recording. When you sing, the plosive “P” and “B” sounds can result in hard air called “puffs” that can reach the mike. These puffs can result in distortion, and they can really sound terrible.

The pop filter can also

Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Discover why the Blue Yeti microphone is a bestseller, and find out if you should use it for your recordings. 

Upon first glance, the Blue Yeti microphone doesn’t really look like much, even though it comes in 5 available colors. It comes with a stand that resembles the one you find on desk lamps, and on top you have a capsule design that measures 10 inches high and 5.5 inches in diameter. You have the various control dials and buttons and the jack, and the Blue logo. Yet this simple-looking device is a marvel.

Here are some of the reasons why the Blue Yeti microphone so popular:

Easy to Use

First of all, this is a Plug and Play USB device, and you don’t need any installation software to use it right away. You can use it for any of your recording programs, and the various controls are easy to find and use. You have the volume control dial, the instant mute button, the microphone gain control, and the control for pattern selection. There’s also a jack for your headphone.