Setting the Beat with the DJAY 2

In the past, you needed an entire van full of gear to be a deejay. Now, you only need an iPad (or an iPhone, Apple Watch, or even an Android device) and download the amazing DJAY 2 app for deejays.

This bestselling app will transform your skillset, and your life as a DJ, as what any reputable djay2 app review will reveal.

It doesn’t even matter what your current beat-setting and groove-making level are. You can be a pro with years of experience, and you’ll still find the DJAY 2 an extraordinary tool you simply can’t ignore. Or you can be an utter noob, and in no time flat, you’ll sound like you’ve been doing this for years! Nothing beats that feeling of setting the music and seeing people dance to your beat. 

DJAY 2 App Review

To list the entire set of features that DJAY 2 offers will take too long. It’s enough to say that it has everything you need as a DJ. All the tools are here to help you set and prepare your music, from your personal music library to Spotify.

With this app, you’re able to get your hands on a wide variety of effects that can customize your sound and enthrall your dancing fans. Digital cue points offer you several ways of mixing your tracks together, by identifying sound cues visually for seamless integration. Recording your music is a cinch, and putting a video together is child’s play.

So ask yourself: do you have the passion for music and beats that every DJ needs? Then you need DJAY 2. It’s that simple.

Using this app is the first and last step in your musical education. This isn’t the only djay2 app review to say so because even the New York Times has been raving about it as well.

DJAY 2 Review