Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Discover why the Blue Yeti microphone is a bestseller, and find out if you should use it for your recordings. 

Upon first glance, the Blue Yeti microphone doesn’t really look like much, even though it comes in 5 available colors. It comes with a stand that resembles the one you find on desk lamps, and on top you have a capsule design that measures 10 inches high and 5.5 inches in diameter. You have the various control dials and buttons and the jack, and the Blue logo. Yet this simple-looking device is a marvel.

Here are some of the reasons why the Blue Yeti microphone so popular:

Easy to Use

First of all, this is a Plug and Play USB device, and you don’t need any installation software to use it right away. You can use it for any of your recording programs, and the various controls are easy to find and use. You have the volume control dial, the instant mute button, the microphone gain control, and the control for pattern selection. There’s also a jack for your headphone.