What Is a Pop Filter?

Do you really need a pop filter for your recordings? Find out what it does and how it’s designed, and discover its many benefits. 

So what is a pop filter? If you’re regularly using a microphone, then you need one. If you ever see videos of singers recording their songs in the studio, you’ve already seen one. It’s the screen you find hovering between the lips of the singer and the head of the microphone.

What Are Pop Filters Used For?

There are some very good reasons why pop filters are used, especially in recording studios. The main reason is that it makes your voice sound so much better in the recording. When you sing, the plosive “P” and “B” sounds can result in hard air called “puffs” that can reach the mike. These puffs can result in distortion, and they can really sound terrible.

The pop filter can also