What Are Beat Pads (Drum Pads)?

Do you want to practice your drumming every chance you get? Pick the right beat pads for your needs and budget.

Beat pads or drum pads are generally what you use to practice on if you’re a drummer. If you’re just a beginner, these can give you a chance to practice your drumming techniques wherever you are, without having to bring your bulky drum set along with you. Even if you’re already an experienced drummer, a drum pad can help you practice or warm up for a performance on stage or even in your car while getting an auto detail – I know I’m weird.

Basically, there are two types of beat pads you can use:

The Classic Rubber Type

The basic design of these drum pads is a wooden disk, on top of which you have a thin layer of rubber glued on the surface. This is the traditional design, and even now it’s the choice of many drum players and professionals.